The Consequences for Not Practicing Safe Sex

Sexually transmitted disease or STD has been an on going battle in every country. The consequences for not practicing safe sex are serious. Teen pregnancy, AIDS, and other life problems can happen if people are not aware of the benefits of safe sex. As they say, abstinence is the key to lowering your chances of having these problems including STD.

To protect yourself from STD, you should know how to spot a person with one. Go to counselling groups to learn how to determine which person has an STD or not. Never allow your health to be compromised.

STD is passed on from people to people. This also means that you expose yourself to STD if your partner has had sex with someone infected before and remains unprotected. It is not a safe thought that knowing your partner has had limited experience that ultimately means he is safe.

One of the most important aspects in safe sex is honesty. You need to be honest with your partner and vice versa. If you have just found out that your partner has had STD before, ask if he has treated it and was the disease cured.

Talk to your partner about having both of you checked out for such diseases. If your partner shows disinterest or refuses to take the test then you must think for yourself and what your partner has in mind when it comes to STD.

Condoms are the most common choice for STD prevention. They can be bought at local drugstores or at the counter of most grocery stores. Condoms have been discovered to prevent 99 percent of unwanted diseases and pregnancies.

Be wary of the signs and symptoms of each sexually transmitted disease. If you find yourself having painful urination or having an itchy feel between the thighs then you might want to go to your doctor and have it checked.

Be more involved when it comes to safe sex awareness especially with regards to AIDS and HIV. Both are very prevalent these days and both are serious dangers to your health.