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The Advantages of Earning a Masters of Library Science Online

You may be aware that library science is a quickly evolving field and is essential in the information age. Libraries are no longer silent places with stern librarians urging people to be quiet and tending piles and piles of dusty books. Libraries are increasingly interactive centers where visitors can refine their information gathering and analytical skills with the help of a librarian. As the duties of a librarian expand and change, the masters in library science has become more dynamic and includes new areas of specialization.

What You Will Learn in a Masters of Library Science Course
Library science is an interdisciplinary course that is offered at the graduate level and requires a bachelors degree and, depending on the program, some prerequisite courses. The kind of classes you take to complete your graduate degree in library science depends on your area of specialization, but at the outset, most students take core courses that include the basics of classification, databases, archives and information science. After you have completed these core courses, you can focus on areas of concentration, such as library science as it pertains to law and medical libraries, antiquated books, and archives.

Pursuing a Degree Online

The advantage of pursuing your masters in library science online is that you can continue your career while earning a graduate degree. With USC’s online library science masters program, for example, you can have access to texts and lectures online and can turn in your assignments in through email. Look for software that can facilitate taking notes, keeping lectures on audio files or sending questions to your instructors via chat. In addition to USC, there are many institutions of higher learning that offer online options for graduate degrees, including library science. The online option is an ideal choice for teachers who do not want to interrupt their teaching work to qualify as a librarian through a graduate course.

Career Opportunities
While most librarians require a master’s in library science to secure a position, those who earn this graduate degree can do a number of things besides working as a librarian. Those who earn degrees in library science can enter into vocations dealing with information science and can become a website analyst. Many lend their skills and experience to consulting firms and can advise on the right kind of database technology for a public or private institution. Library science can enhance the abilities of an educator, and he or she can assist students in locating and evaluating information from any type of media.

Applying for Programs

Once you have an idea of what you would like to do with  your masters in library science degree when you complete your course, you can start looking for the program and the institution that is right for you. Talk to people who have earned the degree about their experiences and which classes and programs they found helpful.  This is true of degrees earned on campus or online. Narrow down your search for schools to a few choices, and ask for information regarding the application process. If you are working towards the degree online, you do not need to rule out certain schools because of location.

How To Write Resume Easily

resume writersThere are many ways to ensure that you are getting the job  on job fair, one of the best way is by creating proper resume. Resume itself is a self advertisement about what have you done, show up your skill, experience and achievements, then why you are the right person to hire. However, creating resume is not as easy as it looks like. Therefore, today i will provide you a step by step guide on how to create resume in easy ways and grab the reader’s attention right away.

The first step is format your resume. By planning your resume and format them correctly, you will have higher chance to score the job and ensure that the reader of your resume will read yours. You will need to format your text properly, because it is very important to make the right first impression. I recommend you to get times new roman for professional looks or you can go casual by choosing Arial and Calibri. You can combine several fonts on your resume, but i recommend that you limit it to two maximum fonts on one resume.

The next step is set up the page of your resume. You will need to setting the page of your resume to ensure that your resume are professional looking and neat. I recommend you to get one inch margins all the way around with 1.5 or 2 point line spacing. The body of your resume should be aligned to the left and your header will be great at the top of your page.

The next step is provide proper content for your resume. According to the job you want to apply, make sure to provide matching experience, skill, and ability that will help you to work on those specific job. This way, you will be able to get the job properly.  Otherwise, you can call resume writers chicago for the best way to write your resume.

5 Majors That Can Succeed in Insurance

Insurance is an industry that is in demand and it looks to be in demand for quite some time. Insurance is in demand because everyone has to have some form of insurance.  A teenager who wants to drive a car for the first time must have car insurance. A small business owner must have workers’ compensation insurance to cover injuries to their employees and a young parent must have health or life insurance to protect their children in the event they are suddenly sick or die. These are just a few examples of why the demand for insurance is only going to grow over the next several decades.  Because of this growth, the insurance industry will always be able to provide good paying jobs to college grads.

With technological advances, the way people buy insurance is changing. People today are much more comfortable doing business online and without interacting with another person. Twenty years ago nearly all insurance purchases were done in person. Now many of those transactions are done online or even via a mobile device. The average age of an employee in the insurance industry is 45. Many of these professionals are not exactly technologically advanced. This opens up opportunities for people to excel in this industry who come from a variety of educational backgrounds.  Here are five majors that can contribute immensely to the insurance industry now and in to the foreseeable future. (more…)

Lobby Groups Question Education Department’s Debt Collection Policies

In an unexpected turn of events that may cause quite some panic in the education sector, two lobby groups; The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) have filed a motion in a Federal Court to force the Education Department to publicize documents showing how the department collects student loans debts.

While filing the suit, the two groups insisted that the Education Department had an obligation under the constitution to make such information public and accessible by all interested parties. They cited the Freedom of Information Act which says that the department’s oversight of any private companies hired to collect such loan debts as well as its overall debt collection policies needed to be made public.

The bone of contention according to insiders is an allegation that the Education Department through the different private collection agencies has been disproportionally targeting students of color.

“The Education department is acting like it’s hiding something from the public,” said Rachel Goodman who is a staff lawyer working with ACLU. “We have a right to know what’s going on.”

The Education Department has since responded by saying that it would never do such a thing.

“The Education Department doesn’t monitor debt collection activities on the basis of races,” the department said in an official letter. “The Office of Federal Student Aid doesn’t track race or race-related data.”

ACLU and NCLC are also demanding that the department make public its debt collection policies as well as the policies that are used by the different private collection agencies. There are claims that the private collectors have been using overly harsh tactics such as wage garnishment, and tax refund offsetsto collect loan debt from students who default in their payment. Nearly all of these collection agencies use collection agency merchant accounts from providers such as to safely process payments.

The lawsuit which was first filed in May 2015 has attracted attention of stakeholders in the department as well as other interested parties. In March this year,the Education Department provided 1,700 pages of documents in response to the lawsuit, but ACLU and NCLC said that the documents only responded to two out of the 20 questions they are asking.

If the lawsuit takes off (which looks increasingly likely), a Federal court will for the first time be forced to question the Education Department’s clamor that part of the department’s records are law enforcement records which are protected under the Freedom of Information Act.

Converting MP4 to Study DVDs with the Movavi Video Converter Review

How do you prefer to study? While different people have different preferences, one handy way to learn is by watching some of the many educational videos that you can play and download on your PC. If you want to be even more flexible about it however, wouldn’t it be great to convert those videos into DVDs so that you can watch them on your TV if you choose?banner_new

While it may sound complicated to convert MP4 to DVD, the truth is that it actually can be quite easy – with the help of the Movavi Video Converter. Using the software, you can simply add the MP4 video that you want to convert, select DVD from the list of formats, and start the conversion. Once it is done, your video will be saved in a format that is DVD ready, and you can burn it to your DVD whenever you want.

Apart from creating study DVDs in this fashion, you can also use the Movavi Video Converter to convert your videos into other formats, or optimize them for specific devices or platforms using the hundreds of presets that are available. If you want you could also convert your image and audio files between formats too, or use it to extract the audio from your videos, create animated GIFs out of video clips, or grab screenshots from videos.

In addition to all that, the Movavi Video Converter also includes several video editing features that will let you trim and join video segments, crop or rotate your video, stabilize and enhance the video quality, or add customizable text to create captions and watermarks.

It is up to you whether or not you want to use these features to improve the study DVDs that you create, and some of them could actually be quite handy. In particular, you may want to extract the important bits from several educational videos, enhance their quality, and compile them into a single reference video that you can then burn to a DVD and watch on your TV at your convenience.