Should People With HIV Date Individuals Who Are Already Infected?

When it comes to dating, people who are infected with HIV have two choices – either date a person who is already infected or date someone who is HIV – negative.

Over the years, as people studied the Human Immunodeficiency virus, they got to know about various techniques that can be employed in order to prevent the spread of the virus. These methods can be very useful in cases where a HIV – positive individual is in a relationship with a person who is absolutely clean. In the field of medicine, such couples are known as serodiscordant partners.

Nevertheless, people are still very skeptical about dating while infected. There are several questions that pop up, some of which are as follows –

  • Should infected individuals date only those who are infected too?
  • If they have begun dating someone who is HIV – negative, when is the ideal time to reveal the medical condition? During the initial stages of dating or when mutual interest is established?

Opinions of people remain split on the issue. While some believe that it would be wise to make things clear in a couple of dates, leaving no space for surprises, others feel that it would be better to let things go at their own pace before confession about having HIV.

Engaging in Sexual Activity With Other HIV-Infected Individuals

If you are under the impression that unprotected sex between two people who are already infected with HIV would cause no harm, then you are mistaken.

In such a case, there are chances of occurrence of a super-infection. This situation arises when an individual already infected with a particular strain of the virus is again infected with a different strain. A recent study reveals that being infected with more than one strain of the virus, potentially leads to development of resistance against certain type of medications.

It also shows that super-infections can lead to increased viral loads and therefore aggravate the condition. An increase in viral loads can cause a significant deterioration of immunity, meaning that more copies of the virus are formed. The best way to reduce the chances of a super-infection is to use protection such as a condom. Minimizing the number of sexual partners can also lower the risk of a super-infection.

Finding Your Soul Mate

There are several dating websites operating today that cater to people with STD. Standard Membership on most of these websites is free and users can participate in discussions held on the forums section. There are many such website that aim to help people with STD connect and find friends or romantic partners. In addition to this, it also helps people get more information about the condition and how to deal with it.