Women Getting Exposed to Genital Herpes

STDs have many variety and classifications in terms of signs and symptoms, there’s so much to know and so much to understand that often times we don’t know where and how to begin. But more than recognizing the signs a symptoms, there is one thing that should even worry you, STDs that don’t manifest symptoms at all or termed as asymptomatic. How will you even know that you have an infection when there are no signs of having it at all? This article will discuss with you genital herpes for you to have a better scope of understanding this kind of STD.

Even without the manifestation of sores or any symptom of an outbreak, herpes can be transmitted to another individual. The most efficient mode of transmission for herpes is through a direct contact with the infected part of the skin, this can happen whether symptoms of a sore shows or not.

When a woman is exposed to herpes, the symptoms would typically manifest within two weeks time, and this is termed as the first outbreak. The first outbreak of herpes is said to be the most painful outbreak for herpes, but often times, women would disregard the pain as there are no symptom of a sore anywhere near the genital area. In chances that there is manifestation of herpes symptoms in women, it would most probably manifest as a yeast infection and pelvic inflammation together with sores around the vagina, cervix, thighs, and even in their anus. Sometimes other symptoms would manifest such as inflamed and reddish color in the vaginal area, low fever, back pain, headaches, pain in urination, and swollen glands.

Pregnant women who are diagnosed with herpes should not take this infection lightly as it can and will harm your child. Herpes can cause complications and medical conditions that surely no mother would want their child to have when it is transmitted to the unborn or newborn child. Herpes can be transmitted to the child in two ways, either when it inside the womb or during delivery as it passes through the vagina. This is why the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGCs) recommend a Cesarean section for women with recurrent herpes simplex virus to avoid transmission to the child upon delivery.

If upon reading this you realize that you have noticed any of the symptoms or know someone with such, you should go see your doctor immediately. On the downside though, herpes has no cure but early detection can aid in preventing an outbreak or lessening the pain and time of an outbreak, medications can also be given to treat the sores.

Being incurable does not mean that it can incapacitate you from living a normal and active life. All you have to do is be equipped and know all you can about this disease, know all possibilities, and know all you need to know for you to manage it correctly.

Herpes in Women – learn more about it, do not leave yourself unprotected.